"The Texas Navy...It's no exaggeration to say that without it there would probably have been no Lone Star Republic and possibly the State of Texas would still be part of Mexico."
                                                                        Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 1936 
If you are intrigued by Brigadier General Roosevelt's words, feel free to explore this website where you will learn about the Texas Navies and the Texas Navy Association. The TNA exists to preserve and promote the history of this little known naval fighting force. Please visit this website often to learn about TNA events and the role you can play in educating Texans and their children about the brave men, outnumbered and outgunned, who went to sea and changed the course of Texas history.
The Story of the Texas Navies is one of the most compelling yet unknown sagas in the history of the Lone Star State. Created in the throes of revolution, the First Texas Navy played a vital role in helping Texas win her independence from Mexico. The Second Texas Navy was one of the most active military elements of the Republic of Texas - its actions highlighting the struggles of a young country trying to maintain its sovereignty and establish itself among the family of nations.

Bill Turner, President

Texas Navy Association


 John Steinbeck described Texas as a "state of mind".  That state of  mind has its origin in our unique, colorful,  and inspiring history.

 Most of us recognize place names like Goliad, Alamo and  San  Jacinto as well as iconic names like Bowie, Crockett,  and Travis.  Few however know the heroic saga of the  Texas Navy's service to  our fledgling republic from 1836-  1845.

 The mission of the Texas Navy Association is to present the      history of the Texas Navy to Texans and non-Texans alike.

We trust you will be enlightened by our efforts herein. Let us know what you think, and Welcome Aboard!

Jerry Patterson
Texas Land Commissioner
Governor's Appointee to the TNA

Jerry Patterson's audio greeting 

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