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WELCOME! I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Texas Navy Association and explore our website. I am Admiral Scott Powell the 2024 President of the Texas Navy Association (also known as the TNA).

The mission of the association is to preserve and promote the little known but gallant history of the 1835-1846 Texas Navy.

The TNA funds museum exhibits, educational videos, history teacher education, Texas history curricula and educational events, along with events commemorating the Texas Navy and its role in Texas History. 

The TNA membership all come together with the like-minded interest in historical Research,   and promotion of the love of Texas History with focus on the Texas Navy.  If you have an interest in our mission, then reach out and join us or make a donation now or send a check to 6341 Stewart Rd., #102, Galveston, Texas 77551 that helps make a difference to support the historic and gallant Texas Navy.

We are a Non-Profit Corporation, Chartered in the State of Texas and administered by an elected Board of Directors, providing oversight to the matrix structure of our operating Committees. The TNA is a Volunteer organization. The TNA is funded thru the collection o f Member annual Dues, Donations and Grants. Your membership and donations are the primary funding source for funding our museum exhibits, educational videos, history teacher education, Texas history curricula, and events commemorating the Texas Navy and Texas History.

Very Best Regards,

Admiral Scott Powell


The TNA is pleased to announce Connor Chen as the winner of its 2024 Essay Contest. His award and prize of $500 will be presented to him at the TNA Board of Director's Meeting on September 21st,2024.

Connor attends Saint Thomas Episcopal School in Houston,TX.

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