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“The Battle of Campeche” with Author Jonathan W. Jordan

Running Time: 57:03

In this hour-long program, Jonathan W. Jordan, author of the award-winning book “LONE STAR NAVY: Texas, the Fight for the Gulf of Mexico, and the Shaping of the American West.” Jon describes the fluid international situation leading up to the campaign, the Battle of Campeche and its startling outcome, and how the battle profoundly altered the fate of Texas, Mexico, and the United States.

“Commodores, Pirates, and Politicians: The Texas Navy Defends the Republic, 1840-1843”

Running Time: 1:04:31

The Revolution was over, but where did that leave Texas? Caught between a hostile Mexico and a cautious United States, Texas weathered political and military storms as it searched for a national destiny. While Sam Houston, Mirabeau Lamar and other leaders debated whether Texas should join the U.S. or become a regional empire, Commodore Edwin Ward Moore and the Texas Navy battled Mexican forces that tried to take back what Mexico lost in 1836.

Jonathan W. Jordan, author of Lone Star Navy, recounts how Texas’ second navy rose from the destruction of the first fleet, made Texas a naval power in the Gulf of Mexico, and for three years shaped the “Great Game” played in the west by Britain, France, the U.S. and Mexico.

Texas Navy Museum Minute: Freeport Historical Museum

Running Time: 2:58

A short video introducing the Freeport Historical Museum, and its new Texas Navy Room, focusing on the early Texas Navy and in particular the SAN FELIPE Incident of September 1835. Produced September 2022.

“How Lieutenant ‘Boots’ Taylor Got His Name”

Running Time: 4:19

Join us for the curious story of Lieutenant Thurston "Boots" Taylor, and the curious nickname he probably hated.

“Commissioning Adm. Leslie Bowlin, of the Houston Maritime Center and Museum”

Running Time: 3:04

A video of the recent presentation to Leslie Bowlin, Executive Director of the Houston Maritime Center and Museum, with her commission from the Governor of Texas as a Texas Navy Admiral.

“Texas Navy Museum Minute: The Houston Maritime Center & Museum”

Running Time: 3:28

A brief introduction to the Houston Maritime Center and Museum in Houston, Texas, by Leslie Bowlin, the HMC&M's Executive Director.

“Texas Navy Museum Minute: The Texas Maritime Museum”

Running Time: 4:34

A brief introduction to the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, Texas, by Justin Parkoff, the TMM's Executive Director.

“The Three Texas Navies”

Running Time: 9:56

This 10-minute video gives a brief introduction to (1) the historic Texas Navy of 1835-46, (2) the creation of the “Third Texas Navy” by Governor Price Daniel in 1958, (3) the modern-day commissioning of Texas Navy Admirals, and (4) the work done by the Texas Navy Association (TNA) to promote the history and legacy of Navy and Marine Corps of the Republic of Texas.

“Marines of the Texian Republic”

Running Time: 47:08

A talk on the Marine Corps of the Republic of Texas, presented by Andy Hall of the Texas Navy Association, at the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, Texas, on March 20, 2023.

“USS TEXAS 75th Anniversary as Flagship of the Texas Navy”

Running Time: 5:51

Friday, April 21, 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the Battleship USS TEXAS (BB-35) being presented to the State of Texas, and being designated the official Flagship of the Texas Navy. Join us for a brief look back on this remarkable ship, now under restoration by the Battleship TEXAS Foundation. The Texas Navy Association supports this effort, and hopes you will, too.

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