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"The Texas Navy...It's no exaggeration to say that without it there would probably have been no Lone Star Republic and possibly the State of Texas would still be part of Mexico."                                                      Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. 1936


Our Goals

Investigate how the Texas Navy Association can more actively communicate with other Historical Associations, Texas Historians, Nautical Historians, and political officials to promote and preserve the history of the Texas Navies:

  • Through text books
  • Videos
  • Sale of Ships Store items
  • Presentations and displays across Texas 

Actively recruit new members to the Texas Navy Association who will help us with our Mission, i.e. Create a Houston/Galveston Squadron.  We must follow through in helping new potential Texas Navy Association Members with the necessary paperwork to become Texas Navy Admirals.

Continue to monitor and support the search for the Invincible, one of the first Texas Navy flagships.  The Invincible sank off Galveston in 1837.  Ultimate goal is to create a replica Invincible that would sail from and be on display in Galveston.

Inventory all known Texas Navy artifacts, documents, and digitally photograph as many items as possible.

Investigate various possibilities for the location of a permanent Texas Navy Museum where all possible physical artifacts and records could be on display or available for further research and/or educational purposes.

Our Mission Statement

To preserve and promote an appreciation of the historic character and heroic acts of the Texas Navy.

To promote travel by visitors to historical sites and areas in which the Texas Navy operated.

To conduct in the broadest sense a public relations campaign to create a responsible and accurate image of Texas.

And, encourage Texas communities, organizations and individuals, as well as governmental entities, to participate with actions and money in pursuit of these objectives. 

A Brief History of the Organization of the Texas Navy Association

Many Texas Governors in the past have given commissions in the Texas Navy to various people as a means of honoring them for doing a service to Texas.  Governor James V. Allred in 1936 may have been the first Texas Governor in giving a commission as an Admiral in the Texas Navy to dancer Ginger Rogers when she appeared in Dallas at the opening of the new Texas State Fair Grounds in Dallas which opened the Texas Centennial celebration of independence from Mexico.     Learn More

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